Colfax Half Marathon: A Bonding Session

Yesterday I ran the Colfax Half-Marathon and it was a different experience than what I had imagined.  This is my third time running the half and my first time training for it.  Yes you read that correctly.  Youth used to be on my side but as I am creeping closer to 30, I’m realizing that I need to train for races.  I started back in February and was feeling fit, while I waited for the race to start.  I knew my sister was running today, so I texted her and she came back to my corral…at the back…with my people, the plain old normal runners.

Holly, my sister, is 2 years younger, eats healthy, is slim, works out most days but lately her life has been a roller coaster.  She moved in with her boyfriend, changed jobs, got engaged and went on a gorging vacation in Mexico (tequila and burritos!).  She wasn’t ready for this event and she assumed I wasn’t either, since I’m carrying extra weight, so she met up with me and wanted to run at my pace.  I’m not sure she realized all the work I’ve put in for this race but she figured it out by mile 2.

We came to a small hill and she had to tap out and walk a bit.  I took the moment to sip from my hydration belt and then asked if she wanted to run again.  This happened throughout our run.  We started off running 9:13/mile and ended up finishing with an average of 12:37/mile- which honestly is not bad BUT I had trained and anticipated running between 10-11 minute/miles.

My time was 2:44:44 and Holly finished about 2 minutes after me- I sprinted when I saw the finish line.

Even though I didn’t finish as fast as I wanted, I got to chat with my sister for a few hours, which is priceless.  We used to be really close until we became roommates and ever since then, we haven’t been the same.  Getting to chat about her engagement and my future plans for procreating was super.  I think this run was also a wake-up call to her.  Holly is signed up to do the Rock’n’Roll Denver Marathon in October and she needs to get on it with training, otherwise she will not have a good experience.

Check out my outfit from yesterday’s run- I’ll post pictures soon.


4 thoughts on “Colfax Half Marathon: A Bonding Session

  1. Loved reading this post. Running is so much more than chasing PBs, it’s about relationships, goals, compromise and messing with people’s perceptions of what you are capable. Sounds like you ran strong!!!

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