Squats are kicking my buttocks

A part of the #FattymustrunMarathonChallenge is that we are doing the 30 days of squats and I’m playing my usual Amber game of procrastination.  Man, I wish I would stop this sometimes!  I hadn’t done my squats for three days- 70, 75, 80- so I had 225 to do tonight.  One day after running a half-marathon.

Geez louise, Amber.  Could you have picked a better time?  Obviously not.

I am happy to say that I will be staying up on my squats as of tomorrow (100) and I think the squats helped the blood circulation in my legs because I’m not hurting.  Small things to be thankful for.

Who else, aside from my FMRMC lady friends, is participating in the 30 days of squats challenge?  Is there a 30 days of abs challenge available?  That’s my main problem area.


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