Juneathon Day 1

Today is June 1st and day one of my Juneathon experience. Juneathon is a when a group of people decide to run everyday of June and blog about it everyday of June. I’ve seen people tag it on Twitter before but never participated.

Julie, our fearless leader for FMRMC, gave us this task for the month of June; we also have to eat clean and improve our 5k times (I’ll write more about those two tasks in another post).

I’m excited to make myself run everyday this month. If I can’t run, Juneathon allows participants to do some form of physical activity in place of running. So I might take a walk or go swimming or have a dance party. Scratch that, I will have a dance party!

So this morning, I had no energy to run. I stayed up late, washing hubby’s work shirts. I woke up dehydrated and hungry, so I made oatmeal, coffee and got to bond with my DVR and sofa. #GoodTimes

Around noon I felt really good and thought I should go workout now….after another episode of Tabatha Takes Over. Tabatha saved another dying business, so it was time for me to get to business. I did 3.37 miles and I feel great! I’m looking forward to tomorrow, when I may bump it up to 4 miles. Who knows?

Anyway, who else is participating in #Juneathon? Any tips from veteran Juneathoners?


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