Day Seven- TGIF!!!

TGIF!!!! I’m so happy that it’s Friday!! This has been a heck of a day week and I need these two days to rest, relax and reboot myself for next week’s battle.

I didn’t replicate yesterday’s morning workout because I fell back asleep but now I have more energy and a need to burn some calories.

I am also looking forward to a long run tomorrow. I keep thinking I need to sign up for a race, so I have a goal to reach for but I’m not in a hurry to sign up for anything. Perhaps working on my motivation is what I need to do instead of registering for a race. I’ll chew on that for now.

Do you need a race to keep you on track? Any tips from runners about self-motivating i.e. not having a race as a goal but still running

BTW I technically have a race to use for motivation: I’m doing a marathon next spring!!!!!!!

PICTURE: so I don’t run in these shoes but I love ’em!! Great color, SEQUINS, comfortable…what more could a lady ask for?



2 thoughts on “Day Seven- TGIF!!!

  1. Even if you don’t sign up for a race put something in your diary like an extra long run. We will look at this more next month.

    In the UK later this month we have something called the longest day run, where basically on the longest day of the year you have to try and log as many miles as possible.

    If I manage to get a babysitter I am going to attempt to do 6 parkruns during one day, that will be like 30k in total

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