Day Twelve- Colorado is on fire & so am I

I live in Denver, Colorado and my state is on fire. I went downtown for lunch today and could smell the smoke from the fires- I know there’s a fire in the Royal Gorge and others too. I left work, walked to the bus stop and could smell more smoke. Downtown was cloudy too (check out the picture).

I got home and surprise, the smoke was really thick. My apartment is close to the foothills, hence the smoke being thicker there than in the city.

It’s also very hot so between the heat and the smoke, I decided to move my run indoors. I busted out 2.53 miles in 27:29, so not bad. I will add more mileage this weekend and in the future because I feel like I let my stamina (from training for the half-marathon) fall to the wayside. I need to prove to myself that I can get it back. I want it, therefore I will achieve it.

I’ve been kinda lax on my clean eating- I do it better for some meals and I just need to get back on track with that too. In all due time though, as in two days I’ll be turning the big 3-0 and I’m leaving my twenties in a glorious blaze….family, friends, pizza and karaoke!!! Holla at your girl!!!

Today’s outfit is

Pink short-sleeved Nike Pro training top

Black Nike running capris

Nike Elite running socks

Pink, yellow and blue Nike Lunarfly shoes





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