Day Seventeen- quick run

Tonight I wanted to run 3.5 miles but I stopped after 2.6 so that I could go make dinner and watch Ted with my husband. Sometimes it is difficult to balance what I want to do with what is best for my family. I assume that this situation/decision will only get harder once I have kids, because I’ll probably carting them off to soccer practice and dentist appointments in my “spare time”.

How do you balance work-life-me time-family time?


One thought on “Day Seventeen- quick run

  1. Like a true loser…brace yourself…, I have to plan each of these activities into my google calendars:o) ‘Chub Club’ calendar is for exercise and meal plans & ‘General’ calendar is for work, appointments, etc. I work shifts so seeing loved ones can become more of a chore than a pleasure so I try to plan everything really rigidly so I know exactly when I can have quality time with the other half and other family members.

    I loved the look of your colour run! I’ve never heard of anything like that before. It looked so much fun!

    And I hope you had a fantastic birthday:o) I will be joining you in club 30 in December.

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