Day Twenty-two: walking errands

I had good intentions to go for a run outside this morning. I woke up, drank some water to hydrate and leaned back against my pillows to allow the water to work its magic…and I fell back asleep. When I came to (about 10 minutes later), I remembered that I was almost done with my book from Beverly Lewis and I wanted to see what happened at the end. So I read my book. Then I read my Twitter feed. Then I drank some more water.

You see where this is going?

Eventually I finished my book and decided to return it to the library for someone else’s reading pleasure. Since hubby had the car, I was going to walk my errands. I got dressed, put my headphones on and started out on my walk. I smiled hello to many strangers walking by. I met a woman named Mary and her husband Joe. I got to practice my French singing (merci Edith Piaf, Alizee and Kate Ryan)!

Most importantly, I felt connected to nature and my neighborhood, while getting exercise on a warm day without drowning in my sweat.

Tomorrow my plan is to get up, go for a run and then read my book by the pool, thus I will
1) get a run in
2) read my book
3) work in my tan
4) save water by not showering


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