Day Twenty-Four: No snacking allowed

I signed up for a 10k on July 13th, thinking that it would push my training and help me to keep my fitness level up.  Which it is doing.  I checked the calendar and I only have 17 days before the race, so I needed to pare down my 10k training plan from Nike.  I took out all of the workouts and most of the rest days and I eliminated the first 3 weeks of training…it sounds like a lot and it would be, if I hadn’t trained for the half marathon I did in May.

So tonight I was set to do 3 miles.  I came home from work and my stomach was rumbling something awful- it was EMPTY.  So I needed to refuel and I also thought I could hydrate at the same time.  So I ate a bunch of generic wheat thins and drank almost a liter of water.

This was such a bad idea.  First off, I never thought to look at the amount of salt in these crackers, especially as I was shoving them in my face.  Second, I forgot that I hate running on a full or semi-full stomach.  Third, I forgot to take a potty break before leaving my house and the restrooms in the fitness center/leasing office closed before I started working out.  It was a bad situation.

I did manage 1.85 miles and I was moving along pretty well, all things considered.  This has been a teachable moment (again) for myself, which will eventually lead to my success and triumph over the marathon (my ultimate goal).




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