Day Twenty-five: walking & bonding

Tonight I met up with my sister after work and we had some sister-sister time. I have been trying to make a better effort to be a better big sister lately because of life and the past and mistakes I’ve made- intention and not.

Sometimes I think about my life and my family and friends or even co-workers and I wonder if I am a good person. Do I do good things? Do I show my appreciation for the special people in my life or do I assume they know I appreciate them, so I don’t say anything to confirm this?

I hate the disturbing violence of the Saw movies but the takeaway that I have, is that if you do bad things, someone could kill you. Also, if you are about to die, are you happy with how you’ve lived your life, the way you treated people, the relationships that you have built with others (family, friends, etc) around you?

If I were to die right now (knock on wood, I’m still alive), I could honestly say that I haven’t done the greatest job on being a truly good person. I want to be that person and I try but simple mistakes, ignorance and timing have hindered my efforts.

Well I’m trying now and will continue to in the future. And that’s all anyone can ask for.

Oh and today I walked 2 miles in sweaty, glittery dress shoes.


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