Day Thirty: made it!

Oh yeah I made it to the end of June and I’m very happy. I can see how beneficial this month was for me because I could see how my fitness levels are affected by working out daily (duh!). Before this month, my 5k time was strong- then this month happened. Between giving myself food poisoning to turning 30 to walking so much, I have learned a lot about myself and how much work I still have in front of me. If I truly want to rock this marathon in Spring 2014, I need to get into shape for this.

I ran this morning; part of the FMRMC June’s challenges is to do a 5k, running the entire time and send it to our fearless leader, Julie at fattymustrun.wordpress

My 5k today was 32:34, which was better than yesterday but I still have room for improvement.

Cheers for all of my Juneathoners who ran and blogged the last 30 days! See you in January!!


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