Rest Day

Man, I feel tired today. Yesterday I attempted to run a 10k as a trial run in preparation of next week’s 10k race I’m signed up for. I was grossly unprepared for this challenge which was super disappointing to me because I always think I can (am) better than what I really am. Its basically a case of “the Americans” as my husband would say, since my country has a lot of pride.

Back onto the subject of my lackluster run…so I started off great but after 3 miles, my legs hurt, my head was pounding and I had no gas left in me to give (that was almost a runner’s joke). So I walked the rest of the mileage and thought about the reasons why my run didn’t go as anticipated:

1) I didn’t hydrate properly. I run with a Nike water belt (what else?) which has four smaller bottles that click into their holders. The four bottles hold almost 1L of water, which normally is enough.

2) I ate hot wings, fries and onion rings the night before, so I swelled up like the Nutty Professor. My fingers looked like juicy hot dogs. Obviously I had too much salt in my body.

3) I left my house late in the morning (9:30am) so the sun was out in full force so not only was I seriously thirsty and swelling up but the heat was bringing my energy levels down.

When will it be fall again? I’m ready for some cooler weather. I love going for a run in the fall- crisp air, crunch of leaves underfoot, layers of Nike tops….

So I’m working on getting back to clean eating like I did in June, drinking more water (after this glass of Rose is finished) and getting my head in the game. Only I can influence my running.

FYI- the smiling picture is before the run started. Note the blank stare- that was after the run.






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