Sand Creek 10k tomorrow

I’m super excited about running the Sand Creek 10k tomorrow morning.  This is my first 10k and since I haven’t run a race since May, I am so PUMPED for a race!  I love getting race tshirts and medals and completing a race!

I’ll post some pictures after the race.  Or sometime tomorrow.  After the race, I volunteered to help my best friend from high school Jessica move into her custom-built house…in Henderson/Commerce City, CO- which is in BFE, which is how she could afford a custom-built home.  I also get to see my godson, Avery and Jesscai’s first son, Christopher and smother them both in kisses.  Avery is 8 months old, so he can’t run away from me like Christopher can, since he is 6.  Love those two boys so much!


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