Promises, promises

How many times in my life have I looked in the mirror and said “this needs to change, I need to change”?  How many times have I put on a pair of jeans or shorts and noticed that they were tight, really tight, or “OMG how am I going to breathe with these on” tight?  How many times have I noticed that my ladies dance around while I am walking?

I have promised myself countless times that I would workout more and eat healthier just because I finally noticed how uncomfortable I was feeling in my clothes and more importantly, in my own skin.  I said I will run before going to work, stop drinking sodas, cutback on the candy and become best friends with my vegetables, only for my plan (if you could call it that) to stop working after a few days.  I would use birthdays, national holidays, weather, bad day at work or whatever to justify breaking my new plan.

Who suffers when this plan doesn’t work?


And my husband and my future babies.  But mostly me.

I cannot reach my full potential without pushing myself in that direction.  It’s not enough to talk about it or plan it out; you have to do it.  Period.  Point blank.  Carte blanche.

Since I have the new training plan in hand (Nike’s Setting a New PR Half-Marathon Training Plan; you can find your plan here), I knew the healthy eating part was where I needed the most work.  I have had some weird eating habits in my past: for three months straight, all I ate was Totino’s Pepperoni Pizza (in my defense, they were only a $1/each and I was putting myself through college); also in college, I ate Taco Bell Bean Burrito’s daily for a little over a month; there was one time (band camp har har) where all I was tomato soup with crackers.  If I like something, I want to eat it all the time.  I don’t do experiments.  I don’t like some foods touching.  I am no gourmet chef, so I stick with the basics.

Lately I have been practicing small changes.  I put less on my plate.  I will use my FitnessPal app to calculate calories and then decide if I still want to put whatever that is in my mouth.  I eat fruit for dessert- I mean, my Acai berries are covered in dark chocolate, but it’s fruit AND dark chocolate is healthy for you.  Win-win situation, if you ask me.

This time around, I feel like I will be able to keep this promise.  If not for me, then for my husband and my future babies.

Who will be named Amber Junior, but that’s another blog posting for another day.



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