Introducing Amber

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The Fat Girls Guide To Running

So its been a while since I introduced one of my Fatty Must Run Marathon Challenge girls…and we are now 3 months into the programme and I am really getting to know my ladies a little better now.

Amber was the first lady to apply where from her photo I thought “Hmmm?? Not sure if she is actually fat enough for this” from what I could see she had a great figure.

But seeing as I set the criteria as those with BMIs of 25+ (the start of the overweight catagory) and Ambers was 30.6 there was no reason not to include her, and Ambers story was slightly different to the other girls.

Amber had already run a few half marathons and was reasonably active, what she was struggling with was the motivation to move up to a marathon and/or train properly for her halfs – something which I could…

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