I’m beat

I’m beat. I’m so tired. I’ve just finished hosting a two- day meeting and a one-day conference. I’m tired, my feet are tired, my body is tired.

Have I mentioned I’m tired?

Good, moving on then.

Tuesday and Wednesday we hosted the two-day meeting, with other educational agencies attending. My center, Region VII Equity Assistance Center (EAC), was sponsoring this year’s second Mountain Plains Desert Collaborative meeting which includes two other EACs, four Regional Educational Laboratories (REL), two Comprehensive Centers and a Technical Assistance & Development Center (TADC). In other words, lots of intelligent educators of various backgrounds were in a room discussing collaboration and I was taking notes.

I love my job for opening my eyes to the possibilities of other education-field positions beyond teacher and principal but it is super intimidating to be in this room. I have to stop myself from saying anything stupid and I hate censuring myself. But the meeting went well, I got to see some people who still respect what I do at these meetings, even though my education levels pale in their comparison.

Then onto today- we were one of 40+ sponsors/hosts of the Pathways to Respecting American Indian Civil Rights conference. This conference is full of federal, state and local agencies describing their efforts (good or bad) in assisting American Indians. This year, there were more Native Americans in attendance which means we might have actually put on a conference that will do some good, have an affect somehow.

While this all is going on- because life is never simple- I’m trying to avoid a landmine personality in my office AND dealing with my decision to accept a new position. It’s a position in Human Resources at the university where I work; a promotion and raise come with the position, along with the opportunity to get some qualifications in HR divisions (unemployment, benefits, classification) so that my next career opportunity is another step up and in the right direction.

I’m super happy to have been chosen and happy to leave my dysfunctional (although interesting) office behind me.

So I’m home. Shoes off, sweats on & feet up on the sofa. Good night indeed.


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