Relax? Not moi!

This weekend, I should be relaxing. I have had a stressful and mostly good week and I had anticipated relaxing by the pool, working on my tan, getting a solid run in (or two), and just going with the flow.

Then I remembered, my name is Amber and I never really take it easy.

I got up at 3:30am both Saturday and Sunday, so I could take my hubby to work because I needed the car. Yesterday, I got home at 5am and wanted to run but it was still dark outside and my ‘hood (and running trail) is a little ghetto in the daylight, let alone the dark. Instead I went to the fitness studio at my apartment- BONUS: I could run and watch the news or HGTV. Too bad someone broke the treadmill so the track or whatever it is called, wasn’t turning. At all.

Ok, I thought, I will call the leasing office later and inform them about the broken machine and I’ll switch to the elliptical instead- it’s harder than the treadmill, I believe, since I always sweat like a pig while on the elliptical. I set the machine for manual (no hills) and started pumping my legs. Three, four strides are fine- the fifth stride is like climbing a mountain with one leg still at the bottom- Goodness, it was hard!

I keep working at it for a few minutes but I’m starting to get pissed off. I decide to leave the elliptical and try the bike instead; it has never failed me and right now, I just have to get a workout in.

I move to the bike and start pedaling. Left foot is fine and the right foot, well the machine barks at me everytime I push with my right foot.

Now I’m really mad. It’s a sign that I should’ve waited for the sun to come up and run. I decide, well I can start on my housework- my friend Hannah and her husband Aaron are coming over for game night tonight.

I got back to the apartment, do laundry, clean, change linens on our bed, do the dishes and make my grocery list for dinner. Gregor and I just bought a fondue set so that’s what we are doing for dinner.

I shop for everything, get everything in the apartment put away and head out to meet my sister and two other bridesmaids for our first venture into dresses.

Oh yeah, did I mention my younger sister Holly is getting married in June 2014? That’s another post for another day. I will mention that it is a weird but pleasant feeling, seeing your little sister in a wedding dress.

To wind up this long post (I always go into too much detail when telling stories), I scratched a rim on our new car, felt HUGE in the bridesmaids dresses (bridal sizing sucks my butt), dinner was AMAZING and my husband won the game we played.

I had the most sheep though. It was like I came from Wales.

I still have not been to workout. Tomorrow is another day though.



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