Up & Down

I just finished my first day of the new job and I’m very happy that I got this position. It is always busy, there is a constant flow of people asking questions (some intelligent, some not so much) and my day flies by. I will get a rhythm soon but I’m enjoying this office so much more than my old one!

No drama!

I do know that I will need to remain neutral as everyone “stops being friendly and starts being real” because I do not want to be put in the middle of anything. But for now, everything is great and people are really happy to see me and answer my questions.

As for running, well I’m paying more attention to this old friend of mine. I ran/walked 12 miles on Saturday and was scheduled to do 5 tonight but I ended up working late. I think I’m going to start waking up early to run (not to watch the Kardashians or whatever reality show I DVR’d that hubby doesn’t want to watch), so I can crank my run out in the morning and be able to come home and relax with hubby in the evening.

Everything revolves around my hubby and work. How do you balance your workouts aka “me time” with work and family? I have the worst track record with balancing family and me time- hence the weight gain since I got married. I prefer to chill with my baby than be selfish and go workout- but should I really count that as being selfish? No, my health is super important, especially given the “status” I hold in our family. I am the “sponsor” for my husband being able to live/work in this beautiful country; if I am unhealthy, I would hate for that to have some sort of implication on my love. So I need to remember that when I wake up at 4am to run and I am telling myself “what the hell are you doing, running at 4am?”

Plus I guaranteed that we would be married for 80 years, which would put me at 107 so I better make sure I make it to that age!

I’m going to rock that gray hair BOOM


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