New schedule

What type of runner are you? Do you prefer to run in the morning, watch the sun rise, catch the morning worm? Or do you prefer to run in the evenings, after you’ve accomplished your daily tasks, put the icing on the cake?

I’ve been both a day and evening runner in my past. The schedule changes have been influenced mostly by my work schedule or even course schedule. When I was still studying, I ran evenings- except for one semester where I took my workout routine too far and ran mornings and evenings- but after I graduated and joined the working world, I reverted back to mornings. That way, I could go to happy hour or watch MTV until I fell asleep.

When I was a nanny in Germany, I ran at 10am when the youngest child, Julian was napping and the older two girls were in kindergarten. Upon returning to America and while I searched for work, I ran in the morning, afternoon and evenings – I ran to overcome my sadness at leaving my then-boyfriend back in Germany and because I had a huge case of homesickness for the life I created in my small village.

I’m back to running in the evenings but I think I’ll be making the change back to mornings soon. My new job requires me to work from 8am-5pm (at my old position, it was 8am-4pm with lunch at my desk), so I’m having a hard time adjusting to just getting home around 6pm and waiting to spend time with my husband but also knowing the importance of Amber-time.

This week I didn’t manage to actually get up and run in the morning but I did wake up and do housework or spend more time on my hair. I need to make sure I can be awake before committing myself to this routine change.

On another tip, I’m happy to say that I’ve lost about a pound since starting in my new office. I’m not stressed out, I’m not sitting around all day because I have to run things around to different people and/or ask questions and I am not eating as much at lunch because…well I don’t know but I’m just not. Hopefully this good feeling will continue and I will be able to say the same thing next year.

Fingers are crossed.


3 thoughts on “New schedule

  1. I have always said I run like an elephant so your blog caught my eye! lol I used to be self-conscious about it, but now I just run. I enjoy evening runs- it just never works out well for me in the morning. I’m a morning catastrophe. Good luck to you on morning runs- you can do it! 🙂

    • Glad to find someone to join my herd! I am only paranoid when I have to run past people or around people because I breathe so heavily. I wonder if they think I’m about to pass out for lack of oxygen or just the loudest runner in the world….
      The schedules going good so far. I’m not gettin serious runs in but I’m happy with my progress.

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