Ragnar Relay- Colorado part one

One week ago today I was on my way up to Copper Mountain/Breckenridge to embark on the craziest race I’ve ever signed up for, the Ragnar Relay Race. This race goes from Breckenridge to Aspen, about 200 miles. Teams of 6 (ultrarunners) or 12 (normal runners) chose a leg to run- I was runner #12- so runners 1-6 aka Van #1 were at the start line at 6am Friday morning. Our estimated finish time was 4:50pm Saturday evening. My group aka Van #2 wouldn’t be starting until noon or so, as long as everything went according to plan.

As you can imagine, it didn’t go to plan.

Runner #3 got sick due to the heat and elevation, plus I think she pushed herself hard. Her husband Runner #4 acerbated an old injury so he had shooting pain from his knee to his hip. Due to this and the heat affecting the team, we didn’t start running until after 2pm.

My friend Roger, who got me into this, was our first runner. Roger is ex-military and a very dedicated runner but he has been dealing with injuries since last year and hasn’t fully healed. He was concerned about his calf muscles seizing up, so he was chugging Gatorade and those gummy blocks.

His run went well, then runner #1 Chris came to fill in an empty runner in our van- she was tired from her run but someone had to do it. It took her longer than expected to run but she finished. Then Karinn was up and we did the worst thing a team could ever do after her run……
To be continued


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