September Recap

On this day, the last day in the month of September, I sit and wonder where the month went. It was just summer, burning hot in Denver and now it’s chilly in the mornings and about to be October.

This month, my running has been like a roller coaster: slow build ups, elevated highs (literally) and then fast downhill to begin all over again. I started the month with gearing up for Ragnar, then I rested for a week before taking on another half marathon and now I’m making plans for my fall/winter running program.

Julie, our fearless FMRMC leader told us to time ourselves in a 5k and 10k, and to do 20 minutes of yoga a day. We all needed to pull together our training guide for this fall.

The 5k and 10k were accomplished well enough. I don’t want to say easy because I am feeling all of these miles in my legs lately and I’m also looking at better ways to refill my glycogen stores- I think this may be contributing to my tired body/legs.

The yoga, well I said my piece about that in a previous blog. I came across a yoga studio app in Starbucks, which has videos for all levels of participants and has a build your own feature PLUS it was free, which justifies getting the coffee! I used the app a handful of times but I will continue to use it. It is easy and I can choose to just do a 15- minute stretch-exercise.

What is next in store for us FMRMC ladies? Not sure but I am looking forward to the challenge!


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