My hibernation period

My husband loves watching Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel’s documentaries where they hide cameras all over the world for about 2 years and then bring all of the footage down to a 1-hour segment on North America or Deep Sea Animals. We recently watched one of the North American episodes and they featured brown bears, specifically a mother who just gave birth to her little baby bear in her cave home. The baby was so adorable (duh) so I listened in on the commentary: “this mother hasn’t eaten in 2 months and won’t eat again until the baby is so and so months old”

Apparently I did not listen as well as I should have. But I digress.

The point of mentioning the brown bear mama was to point out the similarities between us. No, I have not recently given birth to a cute baby bear nor do I have plans to. I also am not giving up eating until my non-existing baby bear is older. I have recently been enjoying a sort of hibernation. I’ve focused on family time, my husband and work- jogging and blogging has definitely been receiving the short end of the stick.

I think back to when I managed it do it all: early am workouts, full day of fulfilling work, friends and family time. I just wonder how I managed and if I really managed. Was I there and in the moment or was I just there?

Sometimes I wonder if I self-reflect too much and don’t take enough action.

Anyhoo, I’m working on achieving a better work-life balance because according to my new VP, “this is very important”. He is pretty smart.

In regards to running, I ran 4 miles Monday night and I plan to knock out 5 tonight. Saturday is my long run, I might just run until I can’t anymore.

So my readers, how do you manage to do it all or as much as possible? Send me some tips.

One thought on “My hibernation period

  1. I can’t fit it all in all of the time, so things wax and wane a bit. If something goes on the back burner it suffers a bit. I try never to put my son on the back burner! I do think though that I need to give something up( something at work) it’s just trying to decide what I will regret least.

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