Our Fearless Leader #FMRMC

Have you ever seen an advertisement for an adventure so far out of reach, that you never anticipated getting through the first round, let alone getting picked?  Has the said adventure come to you at the right time in your life?  Maybe you were looking to make a change or challenge yourself in new, frightening way and the right opportunity landed at your feet?
Back in the spring, I came across a tweet that caught my eye.  Looking for 10-15 ladies with BMI over 25 who want to train and run a marathon next year.  Talk about perfect timing and perfect opportunity.  I can also confirm that Julie from the UK is and has been the perfect leader on this journey.  Julie has gone down this road before; she was overweight and decided to train and run the London Marathon (which she rocked!)….a few weeks afterward she found out she was pregnant, stopped running and was back at a new but familiar starting point.  Here is her story.
People often ask me when I started running, but I think the more poignant question is, when did I stop running, because of course, we all ran when we were children.  I can’t remember when I stopped running as a child or maybe it was in my teens but I definitely stopped.  I started running again when I was in my late 20’s because my weight had gotten out of control.  This could seriously describe many runners but Julie and I believe that our paths are very similar.  We’ve had better years of running and we’ve had some years where we should have run more.
Julie has the full support of her entire family, even though they think she is crazy.  When she ran her first marathon, her fiance Fabian ran around London trying to see her at different spots.  Fabian is very supportive of my running, he can see how important it is to me, especially since becoming a mum and he loves that I am supporting other women to achieve their goals.
Julie: I have run 3 half marathons and a few 10ks since my daughter’s birth almost a year ago.
 I wanted to know where the idea for FMRMC came from and how the program was shaping up to Julie’s expectations.  Julie was inspired by other overweight runners she saw at races; she started doing research on issues facing overweight runners but found that there was not much available.  I figured if I could train for and complete a marathon, then perhaps I could motivate and encourage other overweight runners to do the same.  I also wanted to test some of my theories as we went through the process together.
The program and its goal are tough: taking on a marathon when you are overweight is no easy task- but Julie’s keeping a positive outlook on everything.  Some of the original ladies have dropped out but Julie considers that part of the parcel maybe they did not fully understand the program and/or the ladies didn’t realize how tough this challenge would be.  Julie has been a great resource to have and she keeps us in line, on task.  As much as she’s been leading us, this has been a learning experience for her.
With our challenge half way through, she’s got to be thinking about what the future for FMRMC holds.  As always, she is thinking positively: my focus is on supporting the remaining girls on the final part of their journey.  She is also looking at reviewing the program and providing the FMRMC to another group.
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