A woman on a mission

Life has a great way of throwing obstacles, road blocks and other debris on our self-determined paths. As you as you believe you’ve been through it all and survived, something else stops you in your tracks. If you are smart and persevere and come out the other end a better person. If you don’t make it through as assumed, well you still learned something and are better for it.

What curveballs have been thrown at me lately? Holidays, work, rough training schedules, incorrect assumptions and myself- as per usual, you can only be as good as you allow yourself to be and I’m great at standing in my own way.

I’m trying to be better about celebrating how far I’ve come and I am continuously looking forward to what 2014 will bring me. But I am cautious about getting too excited or distracted or cocky because I’ve been down that road before and I’ve had to bring myself back to my reality.

Maybe with the new year dawning upon us (there’s only 40-something days left in the year), I can continue onto the path I’m creating for me. Everyone wants to own their life, control what happens and I want to see what amazing things will happen to me, with my permission and hopefully my thoughtful planning.

Of course, everyone does love a surprise, especially a good one.

What do you think 2014 holds for you? What do you want to accomplish in 2014? Have you set a plan to accomplish those goals?


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