Celebrating the month & myself

Julie sent out December’s Challenge last week and I’ve been mulling it over. She has asked us to celebrate the holidays, how far we’ve come (6 months!) and to reward ourselves each day. These rewards should not include eating a gallon of ice cream in one sitting or eating junk food- these rewards should continue to encourage us in our running and training. Some suggestions include new workout gear, a massage, new playlist, trying out a new trail, etc.

We are trying to keep up our momentum and still enjoy the holidays without undoing our good doings. Sometimes this is easier said than done but it is nice to have a breather from the single focus on running and to not feel bad about relaxing a little.

So what have I done to treat myself? On the first, my husband and I walked around 16th street mall in beautiful downtown denver, where we got to check out Denver’s Christkindl Markt (German for Christmas market). The second saw me putting in two miles before having a cuddle before the roaring television. The third saw us at Beau Jo’s pizza with two great friends, Jen & Roger- I know I said no food rewards but we did have veggies on the pizza and it was great to catch up. Yesterday, the fourth saw me walking around the campus where I work whilst heading to and from a winter lunch presentation from the Hospitality students- yes another food reward BUT they had a silent auction, where I bid on and won a 3 hour session to learn Irish Step Dancing!!! Why the hell not?!?!

Today is the fifth and tonight I plan on running 5 miles on the treadmill when I get home even though the television in the fitness studio is broken. I will stare at myself in the mirror and look at my form- am I slouching, do I need to pump my legs more or stretch them out in front of me?

Or do I just look fabulous while working out and sweating buckets? Only time will tell.

What do you think of Julie’s idea? What other ways can I reward myself? How are you rewarding yourself this time of year?

Julie’s blog is fattymustrun.wordpress.com and her twitter handle is @fattymustrun


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