What’s going on?

My life is like a rollercoaster right now and it’s all my own doing.  Last Saturday, my lovely hair dresser Rayna hooked my hair up with a Keratin Treatment, which has been my hair look straight, heathly, and shiny.  All good, right?  Yes until I let you know that I cannot get my hair sweaty or put it in a hairband.  It must remain dry and straight.  

This means I cannot run before I will do everything I should not do and I will waste my money.  I need this good hair for our upcoming holidays.

Work has been insane too.  I’ve been working 7am-5pm without a lunch break.  I’m tired, my eyes hurt and I’m so glad its Thursday!!


This is Amber, I love running, I miss running and I’ll work on it…next week 🙂


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