New year, new focus

Happy New Year, Frohes Neu Jahr!! I’m happy to begin a new year because this year, there are a lot of awesome events in my life:
1) Run my first marathon – May 18th!
2) My little sister is getting married in June, so we have the bridal party, bachelorette party and wedding to look forward to
3) Just living another year

I guess it feels like there is more to look forward to, even if I didn’t list it :). Call it old age!

I’m easing back into running. I brought my gear to Germany, in hopes of getting some relaxing workouts in but then the weather didn’t cooperate and I had an upset stomach for a great deal of time. Instead I walked everywhere- which is good cardio. Due to my upset stomach, I lost 5 lbs, which is great!

I’ve a few times this week and it feels so good but I have noticed that my running lapse has resulted in my fitness being knocked down- naturally that irritates me but my will and spirit are strong, so I know I can achieve my goals.

How’s your running so far this year? What are your goals in 2014?


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