Where has my running mojo gone?

If anyone has seen my mojo, I would love to have it returned to me.

I have not run in about a week or so. The cold weather snap my beautiful city is going through is zapping my energy for jogging. I’ve been doing my fair share of hiking (to and from the bus stop), trekking (across campus or while out for lunch) and gliding (over snow-covered ice). While all of this counts as exercise, nothing compares to the feeling of finishing a good running workout.

I’ve also been going through some transitions at work and in my personal life, so I have wanted to concentrate on getting those under control before focusing on myself. One of the many things people don’t tell you about when you wish to be a grown-up is that you have to continuously make grown-up decisions, even if you don’t want to or if your first reaction is something completely different.

So my new focus is on getting back on the treadmill- too dangerous for outdoor running- and getting my mileage back up to where it should be now. My marathon is scheduled for May 18 and I’m confident that I will take part in that race and it will be one for my record book.

Guess I never lost my mojo in the first place.


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