Nice and easy

Nah, we aren’t talking about the hair color company; this pretty much sums up my running of late. My doctor said I couldn’t go over 150 bpm so I’ve been training with my heart rate monitor. This translates into about a 12:00 minute mile for me, which is typical for the shape I’m turning into.

My body is getting softer and even though I can still pound the pavement like a mo fo, I’m taking longer and adding more walking. I look forward to the day when I’m rocking my 10:00 minute miles again but I’m also trying to enjoy this experience happening inside my body.

Most of my family and friends have asked about my marathon plans. While I have shelved the full marathon I had scheduled for May 18th, I plan to run the half that day. I’m just happy to still be running and moving this body. Getting exercise is important for me and my healthy and all of the baby books say it can help make labor quicker. Plus babies like the rocking motion from running- or so I’ve read, since I can’t ask my baby 🙂

As with most overweight runners, the resources available for us pales in comparison to that of thin runners. I have been on the search for an overweight pregnant runner blog, so if anyone has any links, please send them to me. I have taken to read FattyMustRun’s older blog posts, because I trust Julie’s opinion and I want to remind myself of her transformation. She got into super great shape, got pregnant, stopped running, had the baby and now is again on her way to being super fit. Most of the mom blogs I read about former Olympic athlete runners who got pregnant or some other who were super skinny fit when they got pregnant; neither of those categories fit me.

Maybe when the Marathon Challenge is up in May, I’ll change my blogging focus to this topic and be a reference for another woman following in these same steps.


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