When walking is acceptable

With my body going through this miraculous change, I’m finding I need an adjustment in my training style. No longer can this lady pound the pavement, brush off the pain and expect great results. These days, any run I complete makes my legs, knees, hips ok my whole body ache. I’m not posting fast times, it just takes a lot to get this body moving these days.

Yesterday I was scheduled for 3.5 miles. Instead I took a walk to my doctor’s appointment. It took almost an hour roundtrip (I thankfully only had to give blood) which I estimated (or overestimated) to be about that mileage. Honestly, I’ve become loosey-goosey with my running plan. I have no time goal I trying to reach, I’m just trying to keep moving as far long into this pregnancy as I can.

So far, my efforts have been good, I feel good and my baby isn’t complaining yet!


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