Am I doing this right?

Have you ever questioned if the actions you are making are the right ones? What about your thoughts? Any second-guessers with me now? I must be in the question-phase of my pregnancy, where every decision made seems so difficult and after it’s been made, I wonder if it was correct.

Am I training too hard or not enough? Should I eat an extra serving at dinner or not fill my stomach? Should I have accepted the new position in my department or am I crazy for trying to take on the unknown? Will we ever be ready for the baby or are we already ready? How will this change us or has it already changed us?

I’m big in self-reflection but recently I’ve been taking this to a new level. I want the best to happen to me because I work hard to achieve what I’ve accomplished so far but am I on the right path?

Things that make you go hmmmm.


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