Code name = molasses

This morning I had to run to catch my bus. For anyone who knows me, knows this used to be a daily occurrence. I would get sucked into whatever was going on the tv or playing kissy face with my man or debating my outfit/footwear choice of the day before dashing out the door and trying to make the bus. I even planned a back-up pick-up location in case I wasn’t going to make the bus at my normal stop.

Pathetic right?

But since I’ve started growing Amber Junior inside my uterus, I am finding that I leave early so I don’t run the risk of having to run.

There are always exceptions to this run and today was one of them. I couldn’t decide on shoes vs boots (boots won!) so when I left my house, I was concerned about the time I allotted to get to where I needed to go.

So I made a run for it. I ran a good half a block before realizing that my little jaunt had provided me enough of a time window to ensure I’ld meet the bus on time. I took a deep breath and tried to still my beating heart, which was racing faster than I had.

I miss the days when I ran regularly and my heart didn’t want to pound out of my chest. I miss running non-stop for hours on end. I miss the exhilaration from accomplishing a good hard run and the way my legs felt like jello afterwards. Today if I get off of the couch too fast, I feel exhausted.

Such is the process of making a life but I didn’t realize the toll it would take on me. Until I’m back at 100%, I’ll just have to enjoy my new nickname, Molasses.


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