The new normal

2015 is here and as one must do, I’m looking back at last year and thinking about what went wrong, what worked and what surprised me. I gave birth in late August and my life has been turned upside down since then. I’m waiting for the new “normal” to feel normal; I feel like a chicken with my head cut off but I’m a mom with a super long list of duties and responsibilities as well as a healthy dose of mommy guilt (when I think about doing something not for my child). Plus I’m tired– wow, I had no clue how tired one could be without having accomplished a set goal. I can’t seem to keep my house clean or regularly do the dishes without having to wait for my husband to get home or doing these tasks at 9pm when my daughter (hopefully) goes to sleep.
There is never enough time in the day.
But life goes on and I just have to suck it up and deal.


Ok so I must confess something: I started this post on January 2nd and today is February 27th.  As you can tell, my life has not slowed down one bit, nor have my time pressures, deadlines and guilt for me-time (I used to take daily showers for granted, now I’m luck to get two in per week).

Nothing else has changed except my motivation and urge to run has increased to levels I haven’t appreciated since my nanny days, when I got to chase kids for money.  I want to get back to running, clear my head of inane thoughts and feel (well, look) like the old me.  I’m tired of seeing my droppy (insert body part here) when I get dresses and I want to wear more than maternity and my husband’s clothes.

Lord, why can’t it be spring in Colorado now?  I’m ready to get Amber back.


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