Time Management

A common theme of motherhood is time management.  Whereas before your little one came into being, you had hours and hours of free time at your fingertips.  Get off of work and go for a 2 hour run?  Sure.  Decide to take an extra spin/Zumba/yoga class on a whim?  Why not.  Sleep all day and party all night?  Sounds like a plan!

Since having my daughter, I’ve been attempting to manage my family’s better.  How can we squeeze another minute of awake time out and use it to ouradvantage- this has become my life.  No longer am I ruling my schedule, I am rules by time.  All aspects of my day, Monday thru Friday, are planned before I get a chance to hit snooze on the alarm.  Something has to give but I’m not sure what I can drop to feel like I have time for another task.  

This all came to a head this weekend when I was trying to make my to-do list for the day.  On it was:

  • Run (I was scheduled to do 3.5 miles)
  • Give Marie a bath
  • Laundry
  • Do the dishes
  • Start packing (yes we have to move again)
  • Work on baby shower items (I’m co-hosting my best friend’s baby shower this upcoming weekend)
  • Shower

Yes I have to put shower on my list so that I can remember to make myself a priority and clean my smelly self. 



June 8, 2015

Apparently in my time management to-do list, I never hit publish on this.  Sounds like something I would do nowadays, since I’m all over the place.

I’m still searching for time management tips for mothers.  Specifically I want to be able to workout consistently, provide for my family and most important, spend quality time with my family.  Oh and, I want to sleep and shower more regularly.  That isn’t asking for too much, right?


    One thought on “Time Management

    1. I know how you feel. I keep looking at my chipped toenails thinking ‘ oh I must find time to paint my nails’ they look so bad it’s only been about 4 weeks and I still haven’t.
      I suspect there’s an element of ‘don’t think just do it’ in there. I have a friend who manages to seem to fit it all in. Work , family, social life, exercise, looks immaculate. One time when we met up for a girls weekend we were getting ready to go out , I noticed that she just painted her toenails in 2ninutes flat. Just slapped it on , it looked fine, whereas I always get a towel out in case I spill take the old stuff off etc.
      I think you just have to do what you can and be kind to yourself.😊

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