When walking is acceptable

With my body going through this miraculous change, I’m finding I need an adjustment in my training style. No longer can this lady pound the pavement, brush off the pain and expect great results. These days, any run I complete makes my legs, knees, hips ok my whole body ache. I’m not posting fast times, it just takes a lot to get this body moving these days.

Yesterday I was scheduled for 3.5 miles. Instead I took a walk to my doctor’s appointment. It took almost an hour roundtrip (I thankfully only had to give blood) which I estimated (or overestimated) to be about that mileage. Honestly, I’ve become loosey-goosey with my running plan. I have no time goal I trying to reach, I’m just trying to keep moving as far long into this pregnancy as I can.

So far, my efforts have been good, I feel good and my baby isn’t complaining yet!


Putting some swagger in my hips

Tonight I went on a training run and learned the best way to put swagger in my hips: run at my new 11:30-12:00 minute/mile. I only did 2 miles and I’m focused on training slowly but surely for my half-marathon.

I added more walking into tonight’s run. I’m trying not to feel guilty when I walk because I’m used to running 2 miles and not feeling any pain.

Nice and easy

Nah, we aren’t talking about the hair color company; this pretty much sums up my running of late. My doctor said I couldn’t go over 150 bpm so I’ve been training with my heart rate monitor. This translates into about a 12:00 minute mile for me, which is typical for the shape I’m turning into.

My body is getting softer and even though I can still pound the pavement like a mo fo, I’m taking longer and adding more walking. I look forward to the day when I’m rocking my 10:00 minute miles again but I’m also trying to enjoy this experience happening inside my body.

Most of my family and friends have asked about my marathon plans. While I have shelved the full marathon I had scheduled for May 18th, I plan to run the half that day. I’m just happy to still be running and moving this body. Getting exercise is important for me and my healthy and all of the baby books say it can help make labor quicker. Plus babies like the rocking motion from running- or so I’ve read, since I can’t ask my baby 🙂

As with most overweight runners, the resources available for us pales in comparison to that of thin runners. I have been on the search for an overweight pregnant runner blog, so if anyone has any links, please send them to me. I have taken to read FattyMustRun’s older blog posts, because I trust Julie’s opinion and I want to remind myself of her transformation. She got into super great shape, got pregnant, stopped running, had the baby and now is again on her way to being super fit. Most of the mom blogs I read about former Olympic athlete runners who got pregnant or some other who were super skinny fit when they got pregnant; neither of those categories fit me.

Maybe when the Marathon Challenge is up in May, I’ll change my blogging focus to this topic and be a reference for another woman following in these same steps.

Baby on Board

I’m pregnant. Two words I’ve been dreaming about saying aloud since I learned about the birds and the bees. Of course, back in the 80’s it was all “eat for two” but these days, I’m focused on healthy food choices for me and Amber Junior (one of my favorite baby names- the other is McLovin).

In fact, I’m mostly eating healthier than ever before. Fruit, veggies, eggs, milk and hot sauce on everything. Hot sauce made from vegetables, of course. Hahahahha

The biggest question is what about my May 18th marathon? Well obviously I’m not doing the marathon. That’s too much of a strain on my body and I’m already busy focuses on baking this baby to perfection *fingers crossed* so I’m going to stick with the half marathon.

Running for two people is almost like doing a marathon. The effort and the rewards are twice as good this time around because I’m not doing this alone. I have a stowaway.

I was a little disappointed in not being able to run my marathon but I can next year and when I cross that finish line, my baby will be so happy to see me and the little bugger will be proud. His/her mom can set goals, be flexible as needed and eventually achieve the goals.

Where has my running mojo gone?

If anyone has seen my mojo, I would love to have it returned to me.

I have not run in about a week or so. The cold weather snap my beautiful city is going through is zapping my energy for jogging. I’ve been doing my fair share of hiking (to and from the bus stop), trekking (across campus or while out for lunch) and gliding (over snow-covered ice). While all of this counts as exercise, nothing compares to the feeling of finishing a good running workout.

I’ve also been going through some transitions at work and in my personal life, so I have wanted to concentrate on getting those under control before focusing on myself. One of the many things people don’t tell you about when you wish to be a grown-up is that you have to continuously make grown-up decisions, even if you don’t want to or if your first reaction is something completely different.

So my new focus is on getting back on the treadmill- too dangerous for outdoor running- and getting my mileage back up to where it should be now. My marathon is scheduled for May 18 and I’m confident that I will take part in that race and it will be one for my record book.

Guess I never lost my mojo in the first place.

New year, new focus

Happy New Year, Frohes Neu Jahr!! I’m happy to begin a new year because this year, there are a lot of awesome events in my life:
1) Run my first marathon – May 18th!
2) My little sister is getting married in June, so we have the bridal party, bachelorette party and wedding to look forward to
3) Just living another year

I guess it feels like there is more to look forward to, even if I didn’t list it :). Call it old age!

I’m easing back into running. I brought my gear to Germany, in hopes of getting some relaxing workouts in but then the weather didn’t cooperate and I had an upset stomach for a great deal of time. Instead I walked everywhere- which is good cardio. Due to my upset stomach, I lost 5 lbs, which is great!

I’ve a few times this week and it feels so good but I have noticed that my running lapse has resulted in my fitness being knocked down- naturally that irritates me but my will and spirit are strong, so I know I can achieve my goals.

How’s your running so far this year? What are your goals in 2014?

What’s going on?

My life is like a rollercoaster right now and it’s all my own doing.  Last Saturday, my lovely hair dresser Rayna hooked my hair up with a Keratin Treatment, which has been my hair look straight, heathly, and shiny.  All good, right?  Yes until I let you know that I cannot get my hair sweaty or put it in a hairband.  It must remain dry and straight.  

This means I cannot run before I will do everything I should not do and I will waste my money.  I need this good hair for our upcoming holidays.

Work has been insane too.  I’ve been working 7am-5pm without a lunch break.  I’m tired, my eyes hurt and I’m so glad its Thursday!!


This is Amber, I love running, I miss running and I’ll work on it…next week 🙂